/dʒæk sær.ək/

Hello, and welcome to my corner of the internet. Like a cottage or a garden, this is a place I maintain and tend as a hobby, and I invite you to come and visit.

I spent 2½ years at University of King’s College studying contemporary philosophy and completed an EMT-B certificate at Colorado Mountain College. When the pandemic started I put my formal education on pause and went to work where there was a need. Making the transition from philosophy to emergency medicine was an unexpected but not unwelcome change. The practical and engaging world of healthcare has been an incredible learning opportunity, one that’s really caught my imagination. I’m currently working as an EMT in the states and hoping to return to school in Canada for nursing once campuses re-open.

I keep a loose corpus of my work primarily for my own amusement and use. Practice is about learning from past experience so experience does no good if it is hidden away. In an age of technological reproducibility there is no reason to let language grow mouldy on paper. The internet is an infinitely large fridge that I can plaster my digital macaroni art all over, so why shouldn’t I put up my work?

Here’s my:


Organized by arbitrary metrics, I’ve chosen a few personal favourites from each category. I make no distinction between fact and fiction since it is all, ultimately, opinion.

I try to leave as much of a “paper” trail as possible so that I can reflect on my process. All my essays are stored via git (↗︎) in an effort to save as many mistakes and edits as possible. It’s quite fun to see work in timelapse and digital work bears no exception.